i’ve been neglecting the world outside of my bed,

    cause nothing bad happens when i’m playing dead.

    i’m wrapped up in blankets, and

    watching scary movies.

    and i wish you were here,right now, with me.

    and lately i’ve started

    drowning my feelings,

    by constantly drinking and forgetting

    my memories,

    'cause i don't want them to be

    a part of me and who i’ve become


    sometimes i wonder, if you still think of me

    like how you are doing? do you think the same?

    i know that i fucked up but i’d rather blame

    all other people who have problems with me


    i’m locked inside my own shelter

    from the cruelties of winter

    and into the spring and the heat of summer.

    i’d rather hide from myself and from everyone else

    than accept the ways i’ve faltered

    Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) (Video) (by deftones)

    one of my favorite deftones songs.. rest in piece Chi <3

    small town syndrome

    i am infamous, notorious at best

    this town hates me an i’m okay with that

    cause i’ve never been too fond of them

    blast beats and skinny jeans

    just don’t mix with preppy sluts and drama queens

    i’d rather sit in my room than watch football games

    and i guess that makes me gay

    oh, but that’s ironic

    cause it’s sure not straight to

    suck a dick in the locker room

    and watch the quarterback

    fuck the water boy in the ass

    all because he cant get laid

    by that fat ass bitch in chemistry

    cause she doesn’t drink

    so he cant make a mistake

    faking his way through life

    one touchdown pass at a time

    handed an “A” in every class

    just so he can play

    a hometown hero

    a washed up wanna be 10 years down the road

    im glad im not like that

    there’s bodies in the walls

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    this song will make you cry….

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    we are all the end of the world…

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